Occupational Qualifications Development​

The NQF Act Number 67 of 2008 provides the legislative framework for standards setting and quality assurance in South Africa including the development of Occupational Qualifications.  One of the functions of the CLPU is to design and develop fit for purpose occupational qualifications through stakeholder driven processes, ensure that the qualifications are submitted to the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) for evaluation and approval and are ultimately registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) by the SAQA. This is a function delegated by the QCTO to the SETA.  The merSETA is the Development Quality Partner (DQP) entrusted with the function to facilitate the design and development of occupational qualifications on behalf of the Sector.  This function (of being the DQP) can be done by Professional Bodies or Associations within the Sector.

The SETA ensures identification of the required qualifications to meet the Sector skills requirements through the Chambers and then as the DQP facilitates and funds the development.  The development is done through Community of Expert Practitioners constituted by Subject Matter Experts from the Manufacturing and Engineering Sector and other relevant Sectors. The SETA then registers Learnerships with DHET against registered occupational qualifications to provide the learning delivery mechanism for the qualifications.

Below is a set of relevant documents related to Occupational Qualification development:
Mr Sibusiso Hlubi is the contact person in respect of Occupational Qualifications Development and is contactable
at Email Address:  shlubi@merseta.org.za and Tel: 010 219 3367