2019 - Plastics Chamber Research Final Report.pdf2582 KB
2019 May - Breakaway Session Questions for the merSETA InterChamber Conference.pdf261 KB
2019 May - Commission 1 Presentation.pdf114 KB
2019 May - Commission 2 Presentation.pdf505 KB
2019 May - Commission 3 Presentation.pdf930 KB
2019 May - Commission 4 Presentation.pdf172 KB
2019 May - Conference Attendance Register merSETA Inter Chamber.pdf486 KB
2019 May - Conference programme_2019.pdf2658 KB
2019 May - merSETA Acting CEO Opening and Welcome.pdf395 KB
2019 May - merSETA Inter Chamber Conference  Report.pdf873 KB
2019 May - merSETA Snr. Manager Strategic Planning.pdf1768 KB
2019 May - Metal Chamber Research Report.pdf963 KB
2019 May – New Tyre Chamber Research Report.pdf1372 KB
2019 May - Plastics Chamber Research Report.PDF1250 KB
2019 May - QCTO Presentation.pdf1982 KB
2019 May - South African Career Development Association - SACDA.pdf1745 KB
Assessment on the Effectiveness of the Chamber Committes Report.pptx748 KB
Auto Chamber Feedback Presentation.pptx1254 KB
Benchmaking Study of Models of Training Lay-off and Retrenchment Mitigation Scheme (Auto Chamber).pptx754 KB
Career-Pathing in the New Tyre Chamber.pptx7962 KB
Dichotomy_Skills Development Act vs BBEEE (Auto Chamber).pptx5557 KB
Diversified Career Development Framework 2018.pptx332 KB
Leading Thoughts Behind the New NSDP.pptx976 KB
merSETA Inter Chamber Conference Minutes 15 and 16 Feb 18 v2.pdf787 KB
merSETA Inter-Chamber Induction Session 11 and 12 October 2018 .pdf830 KB
merSETA Strategic Planning Imperatives Inter-Chamber Workshop.pptx608 KB
Metals Chamber Feedback Presentation 2018.pptx205 KB
Motor Industry Skills of the Future.pptx642 KB
NAMB’s Role in Quality Assurance of Trade Qualifications.pptx287 KB
New Tyre Chamber Feedback Presentation 2018.pptx277 KB
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