Introducing Apprenticeship
Artisanal development without a clear demand what about the public economy.ppt267 KB
Between an ‘inglorious’ past and a ‘precarious’ future.pdf1115 KB
Development of a Further Education and Research Network for VET Professional Pedagogues in Sub-Saharan-Africa .pdf541 KB
Does Promoting Permeability Decreases Social Inequality in.pdf1010 KB
Improving the quality of apprenticeships as learning environment.pptx895 KB
Introducing an apprenticeship pathway in Swedish VET.ppt1088 KB
Marketing Apprenticeship in the U.S. The Case of South Carolina.ppt216 KB
Sense of work based learning and Entrepreneurship .ppt639 KB
Success Factors of Transition in Austria Possible considerations and consequences for countries all over the world.ppt834 KB
Successful educational outcomes after early apprenticeship contract terminations.pptx2113 KB