Informal contexts
A typical experimentation of cooperation between a vocational college and enterprise1.pdf2592 KB
Assessment of the effectiveness of VET workplace learning (2).pptx1373 KB
Contribution a la formalisation de  l apprentissage informel.ppt1473 KB
Formalizing informal apprenticeships in Morocco .ppt985 KB
How to Make Use of COMET Learning Tasks in Vocational Schools.ppt3205 KB
Improving Skills Development in the Informal Sector Strategies for Sub-Saharan Africa.pptx209 KB
Informal collaborative Learning opportunities at Mozambique’s TVET institutions and Industry.pdf492 KB
Lessons learnt from Informal apprenticeship initiatives in southern and eastern Africa.pptx266 KB
Linking Informal apprenticeship and formal education in South eastern Nigeria through marketmechanic village schools .pptx578 KB
Moyens d action visant a ameliorer .ppt623 KB
Policy Options for Improving Informal Apprenticeship- Experiences From Ghana .ppt685 KB
To what extent do facets of the learning environment influence apprentices motivation and learning success.pptx788 KB
Upgrading Informal Apprenticeship in Egypt.ppt1114 KB
Vocational skills formation in the informal economy in Tanzania.ppt258 KB
Workplace as a learning place .pdf868 KB